Consumer products reviews online

Everyone of us do purchases; buying clothes, a new mobile phone, electrical appliances or even a new car. The principle of trading is that suppliers/sellers meet the demand of consumers by offering products or services they need at an agreed price. Long ago, products were limited and there were only main established brands. Most people had to rely on these brands and fairly knew the products reputation in terms of quality, durability, and price. However, the era of industrialization and technological advances has given rise to numerous industries offering millions of products. When buying a product the customer has thousands and sometimes millions of choices. This is why today consumer products reviews is very important to take in consideration.

The gigantic progress of ecommerce and its link with consumer products reviews

Consumer products reviews have gained significant importance simultaneously with the emergence of the ecommerce business.

The flagrant reason is the introduction of the internet in every household. It has enabled millions of people have access to huge amount of information at a click.

Consumer products reviews

This was not possible decades ago, with little information the buyer had to rely on his intuition or asked advice from people who already owned the product. Furthermore, gathering these information was time-consuming or sometimes they were not available at the right moment.

Unfortunately with this kind of situation prevailing many consumers made uninformed purchases. The products were either not of the quality standard they hoped or did not have features they need.

As long as there was a possibility to return the product and get a refund it was ok (except the loss of time!)

Today millions of products and services are bought online. Statistics have predicted that there will be around 2.14 billion people buying online in 2021. Hence this has encouraged conscious buyers to share their experiences and give feedbacks about products they have bought.

Three main types of consumer products reviews

1. Product review websites and blogs

Actually the most common way of looking for a product review is by googling it. You will find that there are several websites offering reviews about the product.

There are websites which are specialized on reviewing specific products; TripAdvisor illustrate it perfectly. The company is a platform where people offer reviews on trips, travel places, restaurant and hotels all around the world.

This allow people to check thoroughly these destinations before buying their holiday tickets and hence have a value for money experience.

Consumer products reviews
TripAdvisor. The most famous travel reviews platform

It is estimated that in 2021 TripAdvisor will reach around 1 billion reviews and opinions!
Furthermore, there are also many blogs that offer product reviews. These blogs are often maintained by individuals who share their passion about specific products and give their experience and feedback on it.

For e.g. if you hesitate between buying a French press and an Aeropress coffee machine, you can easily find a blog on the internet which compare and advise which is the best.

Just like blog on coffee machines, there are millions of other blogs discussing about all sort of products. What is great about them is that these reviews are made by people like you and me, the real customers. So usually you will have an honest review about the product and sometimes can even interact with the blogger if you have specific questions.

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2. YouTube product reviews

Another way of seeking product reviews is on YouTube. Many persons use this platform to put videos of product reviews they have done. The great things about video is that you have much more details about it, the visual aspects, size and the product is also tested.

Consumer products reviews
Tech Spurt- A You Tube channel offer Tech products reviews

For example watching a review of the latest iPhone on YouTube, you will be able to see how it looks in the hand, the screen resolution, menu interface, camera quality etc. The actual trend is the unboxing review, where the reviewer get a brand new product and unbox it in front of the camera for testing.

3. Product review magazine

Consumer products reviews
A magazine specialized in Snow motor sports equipment

There are also traditional printed magazines that offer product reviews. They are often specialized in specific fields and are available on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Magazines provide lot of details about the products, however the main downside is that it is not readily available. This can be a problem if you need to do an urgent purchase. Furthermore, these specialized magazines are usually expensive as they are made of high quality paper and contain a lot of color images.


Why to check consumer products reviews:

It cost you nothing!

The best thing in life are free! Checking consumer products reviews on the internet won’t cost you a penny. Howbeit, the amount of time checking on blogs and YouTube videos is worth the purchase of a great product with all the specifications you were looking for.

It makes you do an informed purchase and let you have value for money products

A lot of time there are advertising campaigns that urge us to buy their products quickly. This impulse to buy instantly can cost you a lot of money. Afterwards you may realize that it is not what you were looking for or that there was another brand with the same specifications at a cheaper price. Therefore checking product review before making a purchase can definitely save you a lot of money.

Review can help you discover what product you really need

Sometimes while browsing through product reviews you can come across product that you really need. Blogs often offer reviews about several models of the same kind of product. Taking the time to read them can help you find the perfect products. Beside you also have feedbacks of existing product users


The key for a value for money purchase is to check the product review, it’s a simple action that can save you a lot. Finally, just like you will check a movie review before going to watch it at the cinema, you have to apply the same habit for shopping.

We hope that you enjoyed this article about consumer products reviews. If you have any experience about how product review helped you in making a good purchase, we will glad that you share it with us!