Genuine ways to earn money online

Genuine ways to earn money online

This is the question almost anyone who seeks financial freedom has often asked; what are the genuine ways to earn money online? With so much get-rich-quickly scams on the internet, for many people it’s difficult to know what actually work or not. I personally had this problem while trying to figure out what online business I could start.

While doing researches on the internet I was overloaded with information. I tried many programs which over promised their results and eventually I lost a lot of my hardly earned money. By sharing my personal experience I hope this will prevent aspiring online entrepreneurs not do the same mistakes I did.

Everybody wants  a happy life, and happiness is often defined as having the freedom to do what you want. For some its spending time in nature, traveling the world and practicing their favorite hobbies. For others its spending more quality time with their beloved ones, doing more fitness, yoga and meditation.

Genuine ways to earn money online

So based on the above, happiness could be resumed as having the time to do what you want. But another important variable to the equation is money, to enjoy your free time you will most probably need money. And the paradox is that the most common way of earning money is getting a job. There you will exchange your time against a salary, and unfortunately this is how many gets stuck in 9 – 5 jobs!

The 9am- 5pm money making paradox

The American businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki illustrated this situation well in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. He pointed out that people working hard in 9am to 5pm jobs were stuck in the rat race. These people work hard to earn money and they have no time left to do what make them happy. Very often these 9-5 workers are stuck in the system; they are underpaid, stressed and have little for themselves. By trying to pursue happiness ( working hard to buy and experience things) people paradoxically end up living miserably.

Genuine ways to earn money online

We all agree that the real currency is time. Hence to escape from the rat race we need financial freedom to avoid spending all of our time at work. If you are lucky, you can attain financial freedom by winning the powerball or inheriting from a huge fortune. But for most of us financial freedom can only be attained by doing side hustles. And if we work very hard, remain persistent and have some luck, these activities will generate passive income.


By trying to pursue happiness ( working hard to buy and experience things) people paradoxically end up living miserably.

Four side hustlers as genuine ways to earn money online

The boom of the internet have given rise to many opportunities. Those who knew how to take advantage of it were able to make different online activities as a way of living. Hence, today we have online industries that are worth several billions of dollars. These range from ecommerce, freelancer services and online marketing to ebooks and online courses. Today with so much information, it is difficult to know really what are the genuine ways to earn money online.

I will show you one of the best way to make money online, which I have  tried and is working. This is not a quick get rich program but rather a platform where you can benefit from a lot of resources. You will also get the support of a large community of people who have the same entrepreneurial spirit as you!

First let us have a look at some common online side hustles and see if they are worth.


Ecommerce is one of the biggest disruption that the internet has caused in our consumption habit. Nowadays you can order almost anything online and from any part of the world. It can be a very lucrative business and pioneers like Amazon who seized the opportunity earlier have become giant in this field.

Genuine ways to earn money online

However, an ecommerce can be a tedious and very demanding activity. To set up your online store you have to cater for a website, inventories, warehousing and also shipping services. Moreover, you will also need to spend a lot of resources on marketing to make your brand visible. As my first online experience I created an online T-shirt store that shipped locally. As I did not have so much capital I had to do everything myself.

It took me 6 months for building my website, doing graphic design, printing  t-shirts and making marketing campaign.

I was able to generate a few sales but I realized that it was very time-consuming and became almost similar to a 9 to 5 job. I have also tried drop shipping, where the inventories, warehousing and shipping were outsourced. But most of the drop shipping providers asked a high monthly fee and sometimes I found myself bearing some hidden costs. Ecommerce is for sure one of the genuine ways to make money online, but from my personal experience it is not the best way for financial freedom.

Selling ebooks

Among several genuine ways to earn money online, there is the selling of ebooks which can be profitable. One day while doing researches on online money making I stumbled across the Kindle Cash Flow program. Their plan was simple, no need to be an author to sell ebooks on Amazon; you just had to hire people to write you book, do the proof reading, book cover and formatting and taadaaaa.. Your ebook was ready to be sold on Amazon!

The idea was to price it at only $ 0.99 and then every sales you would generate would represent your passive income. It would be an infinite source of income if you had 2 or 3 ebooks  which are top rated and getting sold over years.

Genuine ways to earn money online

An interesting but not surprising point was that for a quick start many sold soft porn ebooks because they usually had a high demand. The estimated cost of writing a book (which consist mainly of hiring authors/designers on freelancer websites) were around $550. If you want more expert advices the Kindle Cash Flow program cost $677 , yeah quite expensive!.

However you have to be very careful as over and above the this enrolment cost they also propose many other upselling.

Become a freelancer – Selling your skills online

If you have skills like graphic designer, writing or software development, you can monetize it by offering your services online. There are many online platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork where you can sell you skills. However, the main difficulty is that there is a lot of competition, being an accountant I once tried to sell my services on Fiverr. But I was easily outrun by other accountants which had way better experience, qualifications and top reviews than me. Beside their price were very competitive!

Genuine ways to earn money online

But if you are persistent and deliver good services, you can generate good reviews over time and become a top freelancer. This will make you profile be more visible by the potential customers.

Offering online courses

Genuine ways to earn money online

Another proven way of making money online is selling courses. Are you good at SEO marketing, yoga, meditation or beauty makeups? You can prepare courses via different media (ebooks, videos, podcasts) and sell it online.

If you are an expert at what you are teaching, you will definitely attract a good audience. This will enable you charge higher prices to make comfortable profits. Great examples of online courses are Ziva Meditation and Alo moves.

Genuine ways to earn money online – My honest recommendation

I hope that you find these genuine ways to earn money online interesting. Though these are proven ways of making money online, I have found a better way to generate passive income which is called affiliate marketing.

Through affiliate marketing you will have your own website which will become a valuable asset overtime. With hard work, discipline and dedication it can generate consequent amount of passive income ( some affiliate marketer can generate a minimum of $100/day!)

Everyone can be an affiliate marketer but to be more efficient we need the proper information and expert advices to progress in the right direction. The online platform which I have discovered was created by two affiliate marketers who have become expert in this field.

On this platform you will have tailor made courses (which is regularly updated), and an online community of thousands affiliate marketers who will give you many advices and motivate you. Moreover, the platform also let you host many websites with premium technical supports.

The best thing is that you have a free version where you can try and see if it’s worthy. And if you want to make things more serious you can join the premium version afterwards which offer many tools to make you become a professional affiliate marketer.

Genuine ways to earn money online

Why I chose this affiliate marketing platform?

There are simple reasons why I chose this online affiliate marketing platform;

 It has a free trial and a premium version, no upselling or any other hidden costs

One important aspect I have learned about genuine online products is where it offers a trial version. It shows that the service provider trust his products and potential customers can test their services/products freely to see if its worth.

With this affiliate marketing program its straight forward, either you are a free member or a premium member! No hidden costs or any upselling that will cost you more money.

Compare the premium membership fee of $49 and you will see that it is 100% worthy

If you try to be an affiliate marketer and do it all by yourself it will cost you lot of bucks and you may not go in the right direction. Here a simple calculation which I made; I hosted 3 websites on TMD hosting which cost me around $39 per month. Moreover, as an affiliate marketer I needed to write unique content with good keywords and a keyword search platform like Keyword Tool Pro cost me a whooping $69/month! I also had to buy licensed images for my posts, I paid a monthly fee of $49 on shutterstock for around 10 images.

By opting for an affiliate marketer platform I saved around $108 every month. This is because I benefited from many advantages like having the possibility to host 10 websites and a free unlimited keyword search tool account.

Moreover, I also have access to a swift 24/7 technical support, free security packages for my websites, access to a free database of millions of licensed images and also regular health analysis for my websites 🙂

A strong support through private coaching and a community of experts

Other than the above mentioned advantages there are two other fundamental things that give me an edge as an affiliate marketer. These are coaching and community support, as I am assisted by established affiliate marketers through forums and instant chat. Furthermore there are more than 50 courses available which cover the most fundamental part of affiliate marketing business.

Personally I am glad to form part of this community as other than having the proper tools, being motivated by successful marketers is empowering. Moreover, I can clearly see proofs that the business model of affiliate marketing is genuine and working, it gives me a boost to work harder.

Final thoughts on genuine ways to earn money online

I hope that you have enjoyed this article and that it was helpful to you. There are many genuine ways to earn money online but great care should be taken when choosing any programs teaching you how to make money online. Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there and I recommend programs where you have at least a free trial period. This will help you check their worthiness.

Finally, avoid programs where there are lot of upselling, as very often these programs are more money minded than focused on delivering quality results.

If you want to try the affiliate marketing platform for free you can click on the banner below:

Genuine ways to earn money online

Cheers and do not hesitate to share you experience and point of views! 🙂


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  1. Hey,

    This is such an important article and I am so pleased I came across it. I am working on my website and trying to make it as popular as possible. It is now time for me to monetise it and look for ways to make my website my full time income. I love the idea of selling ebooks and online courses because I have a lot of material I could use for these.

    I will let you know how I get on with my ebooks and online courses and if I have any burning questions or issues then I will get in touch. If that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us 🙂 Of course you can keep in touch about the progress on your ebooks and online courses! I wish you all the best!


  2. Freedom has always revolved around passive income.

    My main goal as an internet earner is to focus on creating as many sources of passive income as possible, and by the looks of it, you’ve recommended an excellent platform to get started.

    I’d be foolish to miss out on this opportunity widely recognized as the internet.

    I’m so glad that I transitioned from my 9-5 to what I’m doing today. I’m currently an affiliate marketer myself, work passionately on my business, and have more than enough to follow my many passions.

    Such an excellent article on getting started online. Great work!


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