Great books for entrepreneurs

Great books for entrepreneurs

Today I will share with you five great books for entrepreneurs. These are the books that changed my life and gave me the boost to become a hustler. All of you who plan or is actually making money online are entrepreneurs. It most probably happened when someday the idea for financial freedom and doing something that would leave your print to the world, struck you.

You will agree that as entrepreneurs, we are also dreamers with big aspirations and inspirations. And we are very often energized and inspired by many role models who are successful entrepreneurs or those who done tremendous achievements in their fields. The successful entrepreneurs usually draw insightful information from resources like books . Some contain researches on specific fields and others are biographies of the brightest minds.

Five great books for entrepreneurs

I am happy to share my favorite empowering books with you today and I am sure you will find them insightful. During my childhood I didn’t give a heck about books, instead I preferred TV, video games and hanging with friends. My life changed when my father’s friend offered me an old book. It remained on my table for weeks until one rainy day when there was a power cut, I was bored to death. I noticed the old book and decided to have a look at it.

While reading this book two life changing points struck me, I realized ;

  1. How books could help me improve my self development and learn a lot of new cool things without traveling
  2. The concept of entrepreneurship; that no matter how small you start, with perseverance you can achieve great things.

This is the 1st book on my top five list below; Losing My virginity by the British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. So let’s have a look at my curated list.

1. Losing My Virginity – By Richard Branson

Great books for entrepreneurs

You have certainly ever heard of Sir Richard Branson who created Virgin Group . It has many great companies like Virgin records, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Hyperloop and recently Virgin Voyages.

The book Losing My Virginity is an autobiography that will immerse you in the exciting and unpredictable life of Mr. Branson. From his childhood to the thrilling moment he sold his first company for a billion dollars and broke Hot Balloon travel records.

Branson grew in an independent minded family who pushed him to discover his limits. Though he suffered from dyslexia and had poor academic results, he managed to create a school magazine called Student.  It covered things like pop cultures and contemporary issues.

The Student magazine was the backbone of his future business. Branson and his fellow journalists then created the first company selling musics records by mail order ; Virgin Mail Order.

Furthermore the success was so astounding that they later expanded by opening several brick and mortar music stores across England. You will also learn how he built one of the most successful music record label, Virgin records.

Then he experienced bad customer service which inspired him to create a commercial airline company. Moreover, he also flew to Baghdad to rescue British hostages from Saddam Hussein when the Gulf war started.

These are only glimpses of the book and I highly recommend that you get it; what you will learn in it is worth its price being only a few dollars.

The essence of this autobiography is that if you are audacious and bold enough to face every challenge and obstacle on your entrepreneurship journey, you can make huge fortune and have great fun at the same time.

2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind- by Dr Joseph Murphy

Great books for entrepreneurs

I am very fascinated about metaphysics and firmly believe about the power of the universe, the subconscious mind and intuitions. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a bestselling guide brightly written by Dr Joseph Murphy in 1963 which explain the importance we have to give to our subconscious mind.

The term subconscious mind and intuition are is intrinsically linked, many renowned entrepreneurs and successful persons have claimed that the best ideas they got were from gut feelings or in simpler term intuition.

Dr Murphy explained that the subconscious mind is our invisible power to achieve any goal we want. In this book he elaborated practical and comprehensible techniques that uncovered the immeasurable influences of the subconscious mind on all aspects of life; money, relationships, jobs, existence and happiness.

If you believe in gut feelings, intuitions and the law of attraction, this book is a must read for you. In addition, you will be dumbfounded with all the scientific facts and real-world stories about the subject.

3. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind- by Vishen Lakhiani

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind is another fascinating book (An amazon best-seller) forming part of my list of great books for entrepreneurs. It has been written by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley.

In his book Vishen discussed about 10 unconventional laws that helped him redefine his life and achieve tremendous success beyond his wildest dreams. He also relates his exposures with the greatest mind of this century like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington.

Great books for entrepreneurs

He was able to turn a small website selling meditation materials (just enough to pay his daily breakfast) into a multi-million dollars company, Mindvalley, an online personal growth platform that disrupt our way of learning with many hacks for all aspects of life; psychology, love, meditation, entrepreneurship, fitness, spirituality, nutrition and much more.

Vishen firmly believed that we are trapped in our old mindsets; beliefs and habits which have been defined by society, religion and cultures since our young age. Breaking free from these traditional mindsets will help us achieve exponential results. One of the main unconventional laws he discussed is transcending the culturescape i.e being aware of the traditional norms which define your life and recognize the relative truths.

He also discussed about Brules, a lingo he invented for bullshit rules which are sometimes irrational yet perpetuated over generations. Another concept he developed and which I found fundamentally helpful for entrepreneurs is Bending Reality; which consist of stopping to link happiness to our goals.

Instead, we have to be happy in the present while being pull by an exciting vision which make us strive to achieve our goals.

I think its enough spoilers for now, if you want to know about these techniques you know what you have to do!

4. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

The exclusive biography of Steve Jobs is a mind blowing book relating the life of the father of the iconic brand Apple and animated movie studio Pixar. The author Walter Isaacson took 2 years to interview Steve Jobs, his family, friend, colleagues, competitors and adversaries.

This enabled him narrate the roller coaster life of the man with an intense personality, a deviantly bold character and a wild creativity, who has revolutionized the technological industries. Steve jobs at the age of 18 years old was considered as misfit living a hippie life, he dropped out from college to visit India, in quest of inspirations.

Back to America he and his fellow friend Steve Wozniak decided to open a company building small computer. Though Jobs wasn’t a genius at computer, he used his creativity, ingenuity, talent to convince people and leadership skills to offer the world the first computer that allied great design with performance and innovation – The Macintosh.


Great books for entrepreneurs


The biography also talk about Jobs’ perception of reality, which was for him only a mere illusion. Many groundbreaking innovations which Apple and Pixar have done were initially insane ideas that engineers concluded were impossible to realize. But Steve Jobs who believed he could Bend Reality, use his ferocious willingness to motivate and sometimes aggressively push his teams to deliver the impossible.

Steve Jobs’ tenacity to overcome failure

One part of the book which I liked as an entrepreneur is when he was thrown out from Apple. Despite this failure, he created another computer company from scratch called NeXT .

After some years NeXT was developing computer operating system. At the same time Apple was facing fierce competitions from Microsoft. The latter was offering successful operating system like windows NT and windows 95. So in 1997, Apple bought NeXT for an astronomical amount of $429 millions and in the process Steve Jobs got back his job of CEO.

This demonstrated the paragon of a true and persistent entrepreneur.

5. Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

The book Think and Grow Rich is the result of 20 years of researches done by Napolean Hill, a self-help author. The researches were done on more than forty men who started with almost nothing but achieved wild success and accumulated enormous fortunes. The interviewees included bright minds like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Charles M.Schwabs. This book published in 1937 is considered among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time.

Great books for entrepreneurs

Napoleon’s quest for the secrets of becoming rich was triggered when he met Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate. The latter instilled in him the powers of the mind that he used to become one of the richest man in America in the 1900s.

The author related that the foremost ingredient for any achievement was to have a burning desire for it. He also developed on other fundamental aspects like faith, visualization, auto-suggestion and specialized knowledge.

Napoleon also emphasized on the importance of mastermind groups. It is a group of peer-to-peer mentors who help each other find solutions to their problems with input and advice from other group members. Till now this concept is popularly used by businessmen. The book also relates about the power of subconscious and even how sex transmutation boost creative problem solving skills.

This is why I put it on my list of great books for entrepreneurs. You will love this book if you are curious about how great minds have conquered this world and build empires, with almost no schooling and no money.

Final thoughts on my list of great books for entrepreneurs

I was glad to share my love for reading with you.  May this curated list of books encompassing entrepreneurship help and inspire you!

I will be pleased to hear your views about these books and glad that you share with us any entrepreneurship books that have marked you!




2 thoughts on “Great books for entrepreneurs”

  1. Thanks for sharing this list. I’ve read Think and Grow Rich and The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind so far. Both books are amazing and I’ve read them a few times so far. I find it beneficial to read a good book like that a few times because every time I read it all over again, I discover something new that I didn’t understand before. Highly recommended books for entrepreneurs!

    Steve Jobs book is on my list as well so I might be jumping into that one very soon thanks to your post here. I’ve never heard of The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind but it sounds amazing and I will be reading it very soon as well. Thanks again for sharing this list!

  2. Hi Ivan,

    I also like to read my favorite books several times, its also inspiring and as you say each time I perceive something new.

    I highly recommend you ‘The code of an Extraordinary mind’, this book will change the way you see things and your limits to achieve more.

    Cheers 🙂

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